The type of form you fill in depends on what grant you have. If your scheme isn't listed here, we'll contact you directly to let you know if you need to submit an end-of-grant report.



You should use Researchfish to complete your end-of-grant report if you hold one of these grants:

  • Investigator Awards
  • Collaborative Awards
  • Fellowships (except International Master's Fellowships, PhD Training Fellowships for Clinicians and Public Engagement Fellowships)
  • University Awards in Humanities and Social Science
  • PhD Studentships in Humanities and Social Science
  • Human Heredity and Health in Africa Awards
  • International Research Scholar Awards
  • Longitudinal Population Study Grants
  • Our Planet, Our Health Awards
  • Strategic Awards
  • Project or Programme Grants (except Innovator Programme Grants)
  • Innovations Grants and Awards (except Health Innovation Challenge Fund Awards)
  • Wellcome Major Award
  • Affordable Healthcare in India Awards
  • Innovative Engineering Awards
  • Assessing Practical Science Skills Awards
  • Research Awards for Health Professionals
  • Controlled Human Infection Models
  • DFID-Wellcome Epidemic Preparedness - Coronavirus
  • Drug Resistant Infections - Coronavirus
  • International Exchange Programme in Humanities and Social Science
  • International Research Scholar Award
  • Learned Society Curation Award
  • Policy Engagement Award
  • Research on Research Institute Grant
  • Snakebite Grant - Next Generation Treatments
  • Therapeutics Accelerator
  • Translational Medicine and Therapeutics Programme - Other Appointment
  • Wellcome Leap Inc.

What happens next?

Grantholders whose grants end between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2021 will need to send us their report during Researchfish's next submission period.

This runs from 1 February 2021 to 11 March 2021, 17:00 GMT.

If this applies to you, we will email you in late 2020 to ask you to submit an end-of-grant report.

If you plan to ask for an extension to your grant that will take the end date past 30 September 2021, contact the Grants Adviser looking after your grant. If you don’t know who this is, contact us.

You can start compiling your report on Researchfish as soon as you receive your invitation email. However, you can only submit the report during the submission period.

If you miss the deadline, we won't accept any new grant applications until you submit your report.

Read more about why we are using Researchfish.

End-of-grant report form 

Use the relevant form for your grant.

Four-year PhD Programme

End of grant report form – Four-year PhD Programme [DOC 133KB]

Some Humanities and Social Science grants

End of grant report form - Humanities and Social Science Small Grants [DOCX 31KB]

Use this form for:

  • Small Grants
  • Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science
  • Research Resources
  • Research Bursaries
  • Global Forum on Bioethics in Research Fellowships.

Innovations Awards

End of award report form – Innovations schemes [DOC 174KB]

All other grants

End of grant report form [DOC 213KB]

You should send us your report within three months of your grant end date. We won't accept any new grant applications until you submit your report.

Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT) 

You should use WTGT(opens in a new tab) if you hold one of these grants:

  • Public Engagement Grant
  • International Engagement Award.

View a Sample end of grant report form [PDF 1.65MB].

You should send us your report within three months of your grant end date. We won't accept any new grant applications until you submit your report.

Why we're using Researchfish 

Since February 2019, Wellcome has been asking most Science and Humanities & Social Science grantholders to use the Researchfish platform to report research outcomes at the end of their awards.

This replaces our current end-of-grant report, and captures research outputs such as publications, intellectual property and software tools, and other outcomes such as influence on policy.

The change follows on from our announcement in 2018 about the Wellcome Success Framework, which set out nine ambitions that express what success looks like across all Wellcome’s work.

The data from Researchfish(opens in a new tab) will help us assess progress against these ambitions. It will be used at an aggregate level to gain a deeper understanding of what is being achieved through Wellcome grants and in partnership with others.

We won’t use it to assess the impact of individual grants, or to inform decisions about individual funding applications.

Collecting data in this way will also make it easier for research offices and researchers to record, review and share research outputs and outcomes from Wellcome grants.

What isn’t going to change

  • Final financial expenditure checks will remain for all grantholders, as part of our grant closure process.
  • Annual progress reporting will continue to run via Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker(opens in a new tab).
  • Public Engagement grantholders are not affected by this change, and will continue to use end-of-grant forms when their grant ends.


Contact us 

Contact our information officers if you have a question about funding.

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