End of a grant

Here you can find links to information and resources that are useful at the end of your grant.

Grant end dates

Find out how to work out your grant end date and what to do if you need an extension or postponement.

Closing grant accounts

Read about how we close grants when a grant ends.

10% retention policy

Details of 10 per cent retention policy grant funds retained by Wellcome until a Final Expenditure Report is submitted.

End of grant report forms

Complete an end-of-grant report when your grant ends. Find out which form you should use.

Final Expenditure Reports

Submit a Final Expenditure Report on Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT), in the My Organisation > Grant Reports section, to claim any outstanding spending on your grant once it has ended.

Publications and reports

How to acknowledge Wellcome's support in your research publications and other outputs.

Contact us 

Contact our Funding Information Advisers if you have a question about funding.

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