Job title: Epidemics LeadOrganisation: WellcomeAuthor image: Josie Golding
Opinion 26 June 2020 Updated 6 July 2020

Four lessons from past epidemics to guide us in the search for COVID-19 treatments

Recent history proves that even the deadliest viruses – like Ebola and HIV – can be made treatable, if we concentrate our efforts on research, development and access. 

Opinion 29 April 2020 Updated 10 June 2020

COVID-19: how researchers around the world are racing to understand the virus and prevent future outbreaks

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, a global community of researchers are working to find out more about the virus and assess what research needs to be done to stop it.

Opinion 2 August 2019 Updated 2 January 2020

How research has fundamentally changed the response to Ebola in DRC

It's a year since the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo began. If we want to prevent future outbreaks lasting a year, the world needs to address research gaps.

Opinion 2 November 2018 Updated 4 December 2019

Lassa fever: why we need to speed up research

Lassa fever is now on the priority list of the World Health Organization and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness. But we need to continue to fill in the gaps in research.