Research Funding Team

We work with other teams in Wellcome to deliver our funding schemes.

The Research Funding team:

  • manages the grant application and award processes for all our funding activities
  • manages Wellcome's grant application systems
  • provides advice to applicants on how to apply for grants, our funding policies, and our procedures
  • manages peer review and our funding committees
  • supports award holders throughout their grant.

Our staff have expertise across science, public engagement and medical humanities, as well as administration, business processes, systems and policy.

Meet the team 

  • Alyson Fox

    Director of Research Funding


    Alyson Fox joined Wellcome in November 2010. She has responsibility for the management and governance of our grant funding and review processes.

  • John Rautenbach

    Operations Manager


Directed Funding and Planning

  • Sinead Lane

    Associate Director, Directed Funding and Planning

Funding Management

  • Lorraine Monteiro

    Associate Director, Funding Management

  • Zoe Broomfield

    Brain and Behavioural Sciences Team Manager, Funding Management

  • Vicky Marlow

    Cells, Systems and Tools Team Manager, Funding Management

  • Helen Thompson

    Genetic and Molecular Sciences Team Manager, Funding Management

  • Jonathan Wilkinson

    Funding Manager, Directed Activities

  • Sheilagh Molloy

    Infection and Immunobiology Team Manager, Funding Management

  • Lucy Clulow

    Funding Manager

Funding Operations & Governance

  • Anne Taylor

    Head of Grant Operations

  • Kerry Garfitt

    Senior Funding Policies Adviser

  • Mike Niedzwiecki

    Funding Information Manager

  • Nina Frentrop

    Funding Systems & Data Manager

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