Research Funding Team

We work with other teams in Wellcome to deliver our funding schemes.

The Research Funding team:

  • manages the grant application and award processes for all our funding activities
  • manages Wellcome's grant application systems
  • provides advice to applicants on how to apply for grants, our funding policies, and our procedures
  • manages peer review and our funding committees
  • supports award holders throughout their grant.

Our staff have expertise across science, public engagement and medical humanities, as well as administration, business processes, systems and policy.

Meet the team 

  • A photograph of the person, Alyson Fox.

    Alyson Fox

    Director of Research Funding


    Alyson Fox joined Wellcome in November 2010. She has responsibility for the management and governance of our grant funding and review processes.

  • A photograph of the person, John Rautenbach.

    John Rautenbach

    Operations Manager


Funding Logistics

  • A photograph of the person, Sinead Lane.

    Sinead Lane

    Associate Director, Funding Logistics

  • Elizabeth Benson

    Senior Adviser, Directed Activities

  • Lauren Mills

    Senior Adviser, Directed Activities

  • Luis Tojo

    Senior Adviser, Directed Activities

  • Jonathan Wilkinson

    Senior Adviser, Directed Activities

Funding Management

Funding Operations & Governance

  • A photograph of the person, Anne Taylor.

    Anne Taylor

    Head of Grant Operations

  • Colin Dempsey

    Senior Funding Policies Adviser

  • Kerry Garfitt

    Senior Funding Policies Adviser

  • Sanja Vlaisavljevic

    Funding Policies Manager

  • Nina Frentrop

    Funding Systems & Data Manager

  • Margaret Hurley

    Funding Policies Adviser

  • Mike Niedzwiecki

    Funding Information Manager

Contact us 

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If you have a question about eligibility, what we offer or our funding remit, contact our grants information officers by completing this form. We do not answer questions on the scope or competitiveness of proposals.

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