Research Funding Team

We work with other teams in Wellcome to deliver our funding schemes.

The Research Funding team:

  • manages the grant application and award processes for all our funding activities
  • manages Wellcome's grant application systems
  • provides advice to applicants on how to apply for grants, our funding policies, and our procedures
  • manages peer review and our funding committees
  • supports award holders throughout their grant.

Our staff have expertise across science, public engagement and medical humanities, as well as administration, business processes, systems and policy.

If you have a question about applying for funding or managing an existing grant, contact our information officers

If you want to discuss any of the areas listed below, contact the relevant member of staff directly.

Team contacts 

Alyson Fox

Director of Research Funding

Contact about:


bullying and harassment.

Sinéad Lane

Associate Director, Funding Logistics

Contact about:

discretionary awards

committee logistics.

Lorraine Shepherd

Associate Director, Funding Management

Contact about:

grant and award management

peer review and funding committees.

Anne Taylor

Associate Director, Funding Operations and Governance

Contact about:

grants assurance

funding-related policies

management of grants systems.

Our work 

Discovery research

Discovery research leads to new insights into our life, health and wellbeing. Researchers from any background have the freedom and flexibility to ask bold and creative questions that will improve our health. 


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