Pete Gardner, Research Lead, Antibodies and Immunity

Pete is an immunologist by doctoral training and joined Wellcome in 2018 having spent 12 years in academic research. He became the Research Lead for the Antibodies and Immunity programme in September 2021, following three years managing product development investments of vaccines and drugs.

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Pete joined Wellcome in early 2018, helping to manage the Infection and Immunobiology portfolio for a year. He then spent three years in the Innovations team developing strategy and delivery of vaccine and drug development assets for global health – including building a portfolio of vaccines and enabling projects for invasive Nontyphoidal Salmonella.
He now leads strategy and delivery of Wellcome’s infectious disease antibody portfolio within the Prevention team, focussed on developing new and affordable antibody products to prevent infectious disease in those most at risk of escalating infections.

Pete completed his PhD at the National Institute for Medical Research, studying B cell and antibody responses to malaria. He then spent 8 years at UCL, carrying out translational research investigating T cell driven autoimmunity, neuro inflammation and supporting the development of gene and cell therapies.