Lorraine Monteiro, Associate Director, Funding Management

Lorraine leads the Funding Management team in Research Funding with responsibility for the development and management of grant-giving processes and operations.

Her team manages all steps of the grant lifecycle for Wellcome’s open-mode schemes in discovery research. This includes everything from receipt of the funding applications, through due diligence checks and peer review, managing our advisory panels, to feedback, the award of funds and supporting grant holders during the lifetime of their award.

Her team also manages the application, review and award processes for strategic funding activity through the Discovery Research, Data for Science & Health and Research Environment teams in Research Programmes.

Lorraine and her team have a detailed understanding of Wellcome funding schemes, policies and procedures for managing grants, and they contribute to the development of new schemes and initiatives. They also assist in the development and implementation of grant-related policies and practices.

Lorraine has a degree in physiology and a DPhil in cellular physiology and biophysics, with a focus on small molecule transport mechanisms. After leaving research, she spent a year working in the Radcliffe Science Library in Oxford before joining Wellcome in 2003. She has held several positions in grants management at Wellcome and took up her current role in 2017.