Christiane Hertz-Fowler, Head of Directed Activity

Christiane leads a team within Discovery Research that focuses on the development and management of, as well as partnerships with, targeted initiatives that complement Wellcome's response-mode funding schemes.

The purpose of the Directed Activity team's work is to create catalytic environments that enable researchers to leverage new approaches and ways of working. Combined with this, they facilitate knowledge, tools, methodologies and enabling platforms to nucleate and transform existing fields of research across the breadth of the Discovery Research remit.

Underpinning this is our commitment to ensuring Wellcome's funding is inclusive, diverse, equitably accessed and that researchers and teams can thrive and be their best.
The current portfolio includes partnerships with institutes such as the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Francis Crick Institute, Wellcome’s support for centres, investments in longitudinal population studies (including the UK Biobank), data and physical infrastructures (for example the Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility), and partnership in the Human Cell Atlas.
Christiane obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester in molecular parasitology. She went on to work on pathogen genomes at the Wellcome Sanger Institute before moving to the University of Liverpool to focus on the application of genomic technologies, computational approaches and to a wide-ranging portfolio of research programmes across life and biomedical sciences.