Guidelines on good environmental practice adopted by Wellcome

The environmental practice guidelines we follow.

We recognise that there is a cost to the environment in the way we operate. It is Wellcome's policy to conduct our business in an environmentally accountable manner, in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we are committed, where practicable, to minimising any adverse environmental impacts which may result from our operations.

Our aims 

In implementing this policy, we aim to:

• take into account the direct environmental impacts of our operations (including those of our buildings, travel, and the procurement of materials and services) and, where possible, make a positive contribution to the environment

• improve our energy efficiency by actively managing energy in our operations

• reduce waste generation and increase the proportion of waste that is recycled

• work with our supply chain to identify and mitigate the environmental impacts associated with our activities

• measure, monitor and communicate the environmental performance of our activities to drive continual improvement in areas of significant risk and opportunity

• promote a culture of environmental awareness among our staff and encourage them to conduct their activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

Achieving our objectives 

Responsibility for implementing this policy lies with the Director of People and Facilities. It will be administered and reviewed annually by the Health, Safety & Environment Manager.