Sensory hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line system by Prof. Andrew Forge.
Credit: Prof. Andrew Forge

1999 Biomedical Image Awards

Browse the winning images from the 1999 Biomedical Image Awards.

Other winning images:

  • Scanning probe microscope image of human chromosomes by TJ McMaster & A Baker
  • Blood vessels in the brainstem by C Guein, C Nolan, G Davidson/MRC Toxicology Unit 
  • Human egg cell sitting on the point of a pin by Yorgos Nikas
  • A single barley chromosome as revealed by a scanning probe microscope during nuclear division by TJ McMaster & A Baker
  • Calcium changes in a smooth muscle cell by Dmitri Gordienko
  • Compromised blood brain barrier by C Guein, C Nolan, G Davidson/MRC Toxicology Unit 
  • Mesocephalic 5th nucleus in the brainstem by MRC Toxicology Unit
  • Scanning probe picture of a molecule of the muscle protein myosin by Peter Hallett
  • Neural tube of an early stage chick embryo by Jonathan Stonehouse
  • Keratinised squamous epithelial lining of the upper vagina by Yorgos Nikas