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Wellcome Data Prizes

We support teams to use existing data to uncover new insights and build digital tools.

Participants in Wellcome's Data Prize are supported to co-create digital solutions such as new software packages, algorithms or scripts.

What are data prizes?

Data prizes are an open competition or challenge where participants use data to solve a societal problem.   

They are increasingly used to find solutions to complex issues and can be especially powerful for areas blocked by siloed research fields, where funding is limited, or when there is a lack of motivation because progress has slowed.

Wellcome Data Prize in Mental Health 

The Wellcome Data Prize in Mental Health is supporting collaborative approaches to research into anxiety and depression in young people. Teams are exploring existing data to find new insights and build digital tools that enable future research.   

We have designed the prize to prioritise inclusivity, creativity and multidisciplinary working. Find out more detail about the criteria and design of the data prize

The prize has three phases, each six months long and with different levels of funding and support on offer. £1.4 million will be awarded across the three phases, with the top £500,000 prize to be shared between three winning teams.  

We have partnered with Social Finance to deliver the prize, and their team is working with Wellcome’s Data for Science and Health and Mental Health teams.

"I have been a member of many funding panels and the Wellcome Mental Health Data Prize stood out in terms of the diversity of applicants we have had the opportunity to see through the selection process. The prize really reached beyond the usual suspects with applicants from various geographies, career stages and institutions from both inside and outside the academic landscape, which will bring new perspectives to the research area" 

- Ann John, Chair of the Mental Health Data Prize Selection Panel

Who and what we’re funding 

Phase one: discovery

The first phase of the Data Prize in Mental Health ran from Autumn 2022 to Spring 2023.

For this initial stage, we funded eleven teams who used existing datasets to explore a wide range of research topics related to youth mental health:

Five of the eleven teams in phase one were selected to progress to phase two.

Phase two: prototyping

We are now in the second phase of the Data Prize in Mental Health. Five teams will create a prototype digital tool, and refine and disseminate their research from the first phase:

Next steps  

In the next and final phase of the Mental Health Data Prize – the sustainability phase – the three winning teams will implement and scale up their prototype digital tool. 

We’ll update this page in Autumn 2023 to show which of the teams have progressed to the next stage.

Contact us 

If you've got a question about the Mental Health Data Prize email our partner Social Finance at  

For any questions or ideas about the Data Prizes more generally, email