Wellcome at COP28

Learn about our plans for COP28, events we’re supporting and the research we’re funding to protect lives from the devastating health impacts of climate change.

A photograph of a man carrying fuel with a wind turbine in the background

The climate crisis is the biggest threat to human health. We’re already seeing:

  • increasing illness and deaths caused by extreme weather 

  • increased spread of diseases 

  • declines in crop yields leading to food insecurity and malnutrition 

  • impacts on mental health

We’re spending over £100mn this year alone on supporting the research needed to tackle this.

We need a rapid global transition to clean energy and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions – from a climate, health and economic perspective.

We’re at COP28 to make sure the evidence is heard and used to advocate for faster and bolder climate action. 

Wellcome is collaborating with the COP28 Presidency and the World Health Organisation to curate the first COP Health Day on 3 December.

"COP28 has the power to either save lives or cost lives."

Alan Dangour

Director of Climate and Health


We have convened the Climate x Health initiative, alongside The Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Climate & Health Alliance and Amref Health Africa, to help channel growing interest and engagement in climate and health toward meaningful joint action for people and planet.

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Events supported by Wellcome

Health Day events

Learn about the events Wellcome is supporting as part of the first COP Health Day.

Events from our partners

When climate is a health story – From local to global, how climate journalism can elevate the health story at the heart of the climate crisis (Internews) – 1 Dec, 13:30 – 14:45 GST, Health Pavilion 

Catalyzing aligned, inclusive, and co-beneficial action for climate change and mental health (Connecting Climate Minds), 4 Dec, 15:00 – 16:30 GST, Side Event Room 5 

Driving the end of the fossil fuel era: how cities are leading a just transition to build a healthier world (C40 cities) – 6 Dec, 11:15 – 12:30 GST, Health Pavilion

Connecting psychological resilience and mental health to climate action: insights and hopes of young people (Connecting Climate Minds) – 8 Dec, 13:30 – 14:45 GST, Health Pavilion

Climate and health reports 

Research we fund 

Find more Climate and Health research projects we fund in our database.

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