Using eduroam WiFi at Wellcome

Wellcome offers eduroam, which provides secure WiFi connectivity for the research and education community, at its London headquarters.

Participating institutions collaboratively deliver a common standard for members in the UK and worldwide to easily and securely connect to wireless networks in research organisations, universities, colleges, hospitals, schools, local authorities, libraries, conference and public meeting space venues.

How to use eduroam if you're a visitor to Wellcome 

If you're a visitor from an institution that uses eduroam, you'll be able to connect to eduroam at Wellcome and Wellcome Collection.

The encryption method used is WPA2+AES and you will be able to connect using your home institution's credentials. Before your visit to Wellcome, check that you can connect to eduroam successfully in your own institution.

If you have any technical issues connecting to eduroam while you're at Wellcome, you should contact IT support at your home institution for assistance.

Policies and responsibilities 

All users of the eduroam service are required to adhere to: