Report summary

Transforming nutrition science for better health

Changing global patterns of malnutrition are having enormous health and economic consequences – but nutrition research isn't keeping up. New ideas and voices are urgently needed.

This report looks at the key themes from an international workshop co-hosted by Wellcome and the World Health Organization, that aimed to stimulate new collaborative nutrition research using cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

Key findings 

  • There is a need and a clear appetite for new thinking and new approaches in nutrition science.
  • Nutrition science can benefit greatly by bringing disciplines together: basic biology with population health, and undernutrition with overnutrition.
  • Nutrition science needs to engage with cutting-edge practices beyond the field of nutrition, including harnessing the potential of big data.
  • Several research themes emerged:
    • Definition: We need to be better at defining nutritional health. At the moment we use indirect methods to measure nutrition and rely on historical standards.
    • Measurement: New technology should be used to think of new ways to measure nutrition more directly.
    • Data and machine learning: Learning from the Big Data field could offer new solutions to nutritional challenges.
    • Study design: A major theme was the need to incorporate biological understanding into nutrition studies
    • Implementation: How do we best implement strategies to improve nutrition?
    • Social context: To what extent does our social setting influence the nutrition value of our diets?


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