Report summary

Grant funding data 2018 to 2019

This report provides data on the grants we've funded over the past year and funding trends for the past five years.

It includes the number and value of awards in our current grant portfolio, application and award rates, and who we've funded and where.

Key findings 

  • Our grant portfolio has increased in total value by 31% to £4,586m since 2014/15.
  • Our international grant portfolio has grown by 88% to £1,245m since 2014/15.
  • 42% of the total funding committed over the past five years has been spent on our standard response mode schemes.
  • Application numbers have increased by 37% to 6,745 since 2014/15, but the number of awards has fallen by 3% to 1,134.
  • Our funding is concentrated within a few organisations. 76% of our grant portfolio is held by 20 organisations, and 41% is held by the University of Oxford, Sanger Institute, University of Cambridge and University College London
  • Applicant success rates are similar by gender (18% for women, 17% for men) but differ by ethnicity (18% for white applicants, 15% for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic applicants).