Press release

The Wellcome Trust welcomes Government plans to modernise copyright

The Wellcome Trust welcomes today’s statement from the UK Government that sets out its commitment to modernise copyright through the introduction of new copyright exceptions.

Robert Kiley, Head of Digital Services at the Wellcome Trust, said: "In particular, we are delighted to see that an exception will be created which will allow researchers, and others, to use text- and data-mining technologies on content to which they already have lawful access.

"This will enable researchers to find connections and develop novel insights from the wealth of information contained in published scientific literature, which will in turn accelerate discovery and innovation to the benefit of human health and the UK economy. Such access will help to maximise the value and use of publicly funded research.

"We further welcome the introduction of a copyright exception which will allow a library, archive or museum to make preservation copies of any type of copyright work. This will make it easier to preserve films, broadcasts and sound recordings, but also 'born digital' content, such as emails and word processing documents, that libraries are now beginning to acquire.

"This proposed change in legislation should help to ensure that the digital record of the 21st century can be preserved."