Press release

Statement on the Wellcome Sanger Institute investigation

Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome's Director, comments on the findings of an independent investigation into misconduct at Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Wellcome expects all the researchers and organisations we fund to adhere to the highest standards of research practice, behavioural conduct and professional integrity. Anyone working in a scientific institution should feel confident to speak out if they experience behaviour that falls short of these standards, knowing that their concerns will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

In this case, we are satisfied that a full, independent investigation has been carried out, which has cleared those involved of all allegations. Professor Mike Stratton has specifically been cleared by the investigation of bullying and gender discrimination.

Wellcome has made diversity and inclusion a priority and, like most scientific institutions, there is more to do at the Wellcome Sanger Institute to make good on this commitment. These issues should have been recognised and acted on sooner, and I apologise for not doing so.

Wellcome believes strongly that science and research has the power to improve lives. However, in order to avoid people leaving science, or thinking that science isn’t for them in the first place, we need to make the culture that surrounds science more inclusive.

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