Press release

Naguib Kheraj resigns from Wellcome's Board of Governors and Investment Committee

Naguib Kheraj has resigned as a Governor of Wellcome and as a member of the Investment Committee to avoid a conflict of interest.

Eliza Manningham-Buller, Chair of Wellcome, said: "I want to thank Naguib most warmly for his work as a Governor, and particularly for his significant contribution to Wellcome during more than 11 years as a member of the Investment Committee. Our mission has benefited greatly from his financial acumen.

"Since his appointment as a Governor in January, it has become clear that his personal holding in a private company in which Wellcome is also an investor is a conflict of interest that is difficult to manage. He has therefore decided to step down from both Wellcome’s Board and the Investment Committee."

He will not be taking up the role of chair of the Investment Committee when Alan Brown steps down as a Governor, as had previously been planned.

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