Why we're proud to change our logo for Pride

During Pride month, logos around the world change to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Wellcome Pride logo on top of image of Wellcome staff at the London Pride march
Our Pride logo and Wellcome staff at Pride in London in 2019.

Logos are a mark of distinction  they are also emblematic of an organisation’s values and beliefs.

At Wellcome, the Pride logo represents the changes we want to see in how we operate as a funder and employer, and the changes we want to see in research culture and the wider science and research sector. We're proud that many Wellcome-funded centres are changing their logos too.

We’ve changed our logo on our social channels and on our homepage banner based on the Pride flag design by Daniel Quasar. It builds on the usual Pride flag by adding stripes that emphasise groups within the LGBTQ+ community that often experience marginalisation.

This includes:

  • trans and non-binary people  represented by the white, light pink and light blue stripes
  • LGBTQ+ people of colour  represented by the brown and black stripes
  • people living with AIDS and those who have died from it  represented by the black stripe.

Read more about the flag’s meaning and context.

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