Wellcome statement in response to the new COP28 deal

Wellcome responds to the new COP28 deal to transition away from fossil fuels. 

At COP28, nations agreed to transition away from fossil fuels and to triple renewable energy capacity. 

Alan Dangour, Director of Climate and Health at Wellcome, said:

"The COP28 UAE consensus to transition away from fossil fuels is a significant step to save lives worldwide. It represents a united global demand around the world for urgent action to protect human health and halt the climate crisis. For this agreement to truly be seen as a historic turning point, there is work to do. Inaction will cost millions of lives.

“Health was present at COP28 like never before, and it’s a vital part of the climate conversation. The science is clear, the climate crisis is a health crisis. Research shows a transition to renewable energy will save at least 5.1 million lives each year, through reduction in air pollution alone. Now we must build on the momentum from the first ever Health Day at COP to garner bolder, faster and healthier climate action, particularly for those on the frontline experiencing the worst effects of climate change.

“At Wellcome, we look forward working with UN Climate Change, global leaders and the wider climate and health community to increase understanding of the links between climate change and human health. Global collaboration to continue building evidence of the huge health risks posed by the climate crisis, and the health benefits of climate action is vital on the road to Baku, Belém and beyond.”