Wellcome signs open data concordat

Wellcome has signed a concordat to ensure that research data gathered and generated by members of the UK research community is made openly available wherever possible.

HEFCE, Research Councils UK and Universities UK are also signatories.

The Concordat on Open Research Data [PDF 178KB] was developed through consultation with the research community. It outlines ten principles for sharing research data, including the:

  • importance of developing data skills
  • importance of ensuring data underlying publications is accessible by publication date
  • rights of data creators to reasonable first use
  • expectations of data users to acknowledge use of others' data.

Wellcome's Head of Policy Nicola Perrin said: "The Concordat sets out core principles to guide the research community in ensuring that research data can be accessed and used in ways that will accelerate discovery and maximise benefits to society.

"Importantly, it recognises that not all research data can be shared openly."

Read more about the concordat in the Research Councils UK press release