Wellcome Open Research is open for submissions

You can now submit to Wellcome Open Research, our new publishing platform. The platform, which we announced in July, aims to make research outputs available faster, and to support reproducibility and transparency.

Open access badges
Credit: Heinz Pampel

Wellcome researchers can use the platform to publish a wide range of submissions, from more traditional narrative-based articles to incremental findings, methods, protocols, datasets and negative/null results.

Once uploaded, submissions pass through transparent invited peer review. They will then be indexed in major bibliographic databases, and deposited in PubMed Central and Europe PMC.

Wellcome Open Research is designed to be author driven. 

Robert Kiley, our Head of Digital Services, said: "Wellcome Open Research will give our funded researchers the opportunity to choose what they publish and when. By embracing open research we hope to accelerate discoveries while providing full access to all research outputs."

The platform will launch next month. 

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