The Big Food Survey announced

The Wellcome Trust and the BBC have announced The Big Food Survey, a major initiative encouraging students to get involved in the UK’s biggest-ever food and health survey for 12 and 13 year olds.

JB Gill, former JLS member turned farmer

JB Gill, former JLS member turned farmer, launching The Big Food Survey...First Course.

The Big Food Survey will take place next school year, targeting Year 8 or equivalent students across the UK. Students will be asked to use their BBC micro:bits, pocket-sized, codeable devices, to gather data about their eating habits over the course of one day.

JB Gill, former member of pop group JLS turned farmer, will launch The Big Food Survey…First Course on 16 May. 

It’s a fun workshop that schools can deliver in a single lesson at any point during the remainder of the summer term. Aimed at current Year 7s ahead of their move into Year 8, students from around the UK can join JB to find out more about The Big Food Survey. They will be challenged to come up with their own Big Food Question, using the BBC micro:bit to bring it life. 

The First Course also doubles as a hands-on session for students to start using and getting the most out of the BBC micro:bit. This will enable students to ask their question in a variety of creative ways, including animations, games, emojis, and even connecting their micro:bit to other devices and everyday objects. Some of the questions and designs could be included in The Big Food Survey in the autumn.

When The Big Food Survey takes place, Year 8 students across the UK will be able to share their behaviours and opinions on food. 

The survey gives students the chance to have their say on one of today’s most pressing topics and will reveal what the UK’s 12 - 13 year olds are eating and drinking, and how their schools, homes, parents, carers and friends affect their nutrition and health.