Teachers receive ENTHUSE Celebration Awards for their exceptional contributions to science education

The winners of the ENTHUSE Celebration Awards 2015 were announced last night at a prestigious ceremony at the Wellcome Trust, London.

Now in its third year, the Awards were created to celebrate exceptional education professionals who have made a significant impact on science teaching in their schools.

This year’s Awards recognise three winners:

  • Leading Science Technician 2015 David Townsend from Suffolk ONE Sixth Form College, Pinewood, Ipswich
  • Primary Science Leader Kathryn Horan from Greenhill Primary School, Leeds
  • Secondary Science Leader Jo Cox from Redmoor Academy, Hinckley.

The winners, and all those who were nominated, have taken part in science-specific continuing professional development (CPD) at the National Science Learning Centre. They have received bursaries from Project ENTHUSE – a partnership between the Wellcome Trust, the government, industry and professional bodies, which provides funding for teaching staff from state funded schools, academies and colleges in the UK to make it easier to access CPD.

Launched in 2008, Project ENTHUSE has already given bursaries to over 15,700 science teachers and technicians from 7,000 schools and colleges across the UK to participate in high-quality professional development courses delivered by the National Science Learning Centre in York. Improved science teaching is believed to be a major factor in the turnaround in the decline in the number of students taking sciences and mathematics at A Level and to the rapid rise in entries at GCSE level sciences.

Sir William Castell, outgoing Chairman of the Wellcome Trust, said: "I’d like to extend my warmest congratulations, and most heartfelt thanks, to this year’s three exceptional winners, as well as all those shortlisted and nominated. The future, not only of science education but of the entire UK workforce, is in the hands of these remarkable educators; by inspiring the next generation they ensure that the spirit of curiosity and discovery will continue to flourish. I am delighted to have been involved with Project ENTHUSE and the Celebration Awards over the last seven years, in which time we have seen some incredible achievements from teachers and technicians who have taken part from all across the country – truly, well done."