Press release

Spending review - science commitments must be met says Wellcome

Many government strategies depend on R&D spending, making it crucial that commitments in this area are met in the spending review, Wellcome said today in its submission to the government's spending review [PDF 215KB].

Martin Smith, Head of Policy Lab at Wellcome, said:
“The importance of the UK's scientific strength cannot be underestimated, both at home and beyond our borders. Through international collaboration, research in the UK bolsters the world's ability to tackle the most pressing global health challenges.
“It's crucial that the government delivers on its commitment to spend £22bn annually on research and development by 2024/25. Without a strong settlement for R&D in the spending review, a plethora of the government’s new strategies will fail. The government has rightly put science at the heart of the UK’s foreign policy, its economic strategy and its ability to lead on tackling climate change.

“We hope the new science minister, George Freeman, will be able to help make the case for underpinning these strategies with the concrete R&D investments they need. The opportunities for the UK and the world if the government follows through will be substantial.”