Six teams in the running for Open Science Prize

Six research teams have made it through to the final of our Open Science Prize, after impressing the judges with projects that showcase the power of opening up data and research processes to the world.Link

This international competition is a collaboration between Wellcome and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Each of the shortlisted teams get $80,000 to develop their prototypes over the next seven months.

The six projects will then go head to head in a public vote at the end of the year, when you can help to decide the winner.

  1. MyGene2:  Accelerating Gene Discovery via Radically Open Data Sharing - facilitating the public sharing of health and genetic data through integration with publicly available information.
  2. OpenAQ:  A Global Community Building the First Open, Real-Time Air Quality Data Hub for the World - providing real-time information on poor air quality by combining data from across the globe.
  3. Real-Time Evolutionary Tracking for Pathogen Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation - permitting real-time analysis of emerging epidemics, such as Ebola, MERS-CoV, and Zika.
  4. Open Neuroimaging Laboratory - advancing brain research by enabling collaborative annotation, discovery and analysis of brain-imaging data.
  5. Fruit Fly Brain Observatory - allowing researchers to better conduct modelling of mental and neurological diseases by connecting data related to the fly brain.
  6. OpenTrialsFDA:  Making Unbiased Clinical Trial Data Accessible - enabling better access to drug approval packages submitted to and made available by the Food and Drug Administration.

The winner will receive $230,000 to develop their innovation.