Media statement in response to the UK Autumn Statement

Martin Smith responds to the UK Government's Autumn Statement, including plans for research and development.

Martin Smith, Head of Policy Lab at Wellcome, said:

“The chancellor will have calmed the nerves of many researchers today. Protecting R&D spending commitments against a tough economic backdrop is a hugely positive indicator that the government knows the value of UK science for both growth and wellbeing. Along with a clear message from the PM and the Chancellor that the science superpower agenda is alive and well, it shows that science and innovation remains integral to government plans.  
“However, we have not seen the much-needed restoration of the 0.7% ODA budget, which means that we are still limiting the world’s ability to fight the immediate risk of infectious diseases and climate-related health impacts.  
“We believe the UK has a central part to play in helping to address these global challenges as a science and health leader, and hope that the UK will soon return to leading the way on development.”