Media statement in response to the creation of new UK Government departments

Beth Thompson, Interim Director of Strategy, responds to the establishment of new UK Government departments.

“The creation of a dedicated Department for Science, Innovation and Technology is a positive sign that the government is taking science seriously. Progress in science is integral to a strong economy and to address the health challenges facing the UK and the world. And a seat for science at the cabinet table puts it at the heart of the domestic and international policy agenda.

“Supporting international research collaboration must be at the top of the new Science Department's in-tray. The government should continue its efforts to associate to the Horizon Europe programme, even while building contingency plans.

“Climate change is one of the biggest threats to health. A renewed focus on energy transition and net zero is welcome leadership for a healthier, decarbonized future. Climate action requires collaboration across departments, including health, transport and more. Ultimately, we need all ministers to be climate ministers.

“The UK can lead the way in tackling global health challenges. This is a moment to make a clear choice on the positive role that the UK will play in the world.”