Media statement on Horizon Europe: Urgent resolution needed

Martin Smith, Head of Policy Lab at Wellcome, responds to discussions between the UK and the EU on Horizon Europe

Martin Smith, Head of Policy Lab at Wellcome, said:

“Now is the time for the UK and EU to put aside their political differences and support scientists to find bold solutions to global challenges, from climate change to cancer. 

“Horizon Europe is the largest multilateral research and innovation funding programme in the world. It is not just about Europe. Countries such as Japan, Canada, and South Korea are all in talks to join. Its scale, connections and breadth of funding could not be replicated by any national scheme. 

“While the EU has indicated that UK participation is tied to negotiations over post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, the science should be viewed entirely separately to the politics. 

“There needs to be an urgent resolution to allow the UK and EU to continue working together through the programme in the years to come. 

“With each day of delay, vital research collaborations are put on hold. Time is running out to find a solution and help guarantee world-leading British and European science. 

“It is in all our interests to foster the brightest scientific talent, generating exciting breakthroughs that strengthen our economies and improve our lives.”