Jeremy Farrar reappointed as Wellcome's Director

Dr Jeremy Farrar, the Director of Wellcome, has been reappointed by Wellcome’s Board of Governors for a second five-year term.

Dr Jeremy Farrar
Wellcome Director Jeremy Farrar
Credit: Wellcome

Jeremy's second term as Director will begin in October 2018 and run until 2023.

He joined Wellcome in 2013, succeeding Sir Mark Walport. Jeremy is a world-renowned clinical scientist and a leading figure in the field of infectious disease. Between 1996 and 2013, he was Director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam, which is supported by Wellcome.

"I’m more excited today than the day I started, I can see more clearly what Wellcome has achieved already and what we can achieve together with our staff and with the thousands of brilliant researchers we support over the next five years."
Jeremy Farrar

Eliza Manningham-Buller, Chair of Wellcome’s Board of Governors, said: "Since his arrival in 2013, Jeremy has been a great Director who has taken Wellcome to a new position of achievement, influence and strength. I am particularly proud of the leadership he showed, within and beyond Wellcome, during the Ebola epidemic, which allowed us to play such a pivotal role in the successful development and testing of a vaccine.

"Jeremy's vision has helped us to undertake a significant change to the way we allocate funds to our mission, through the creation of the Primary and Reserve funds, which offers security to the science and research that is at the heart of our purpose, and the opportunity to achieve more through focusing on a few priority areas. I am also grateful for the way he has overseen so smooth a transition in the leadership of our Investments division."

Commenting on his reappointment, Jeremy said: "Working at Wellcome is a remarkable opportunity and a privilege, and I am honoured that the Board has confirmed my appointment for a further five-year term.

"The issues that Wellcome has chosen to take on are incredibly important – I am proud of the way Wellcome speaks out today on subjects from drug-resistant infections to diversity and inclusion."

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