Jeremy Farrar and SAGE

Wellcome's director, Jeremy Farrar, has decided to step down as a participant in SAGE.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of Wellcome said:

“At the end of October 2021, after careful consideration, I stepped down as a participant of the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). 

“My focus now must be on our work at Wellcome. This includes supporting the international research effort to end the pandemic, ensuring the world is better prepared for inevitable future infectious disease threats, and making the case so the full potential of science is realised to inform and drive change against all the urgent health threats we face globally. 

“The Covid-19 crisis is a long way from over, with the global situation deeply troubling. The high levels of transmission seen in the UK remain concerning, but I stepped down as a participant of SAGE knowing ministers had been provided with most of the key science advice needed over the winter months. 

“Throughout this crisis SAGE has provided vital evidence, and independent, expert, transparent advice to support the UK response, often under huge pressure. It has been an honour to have joined the hundreds of scientists who have contributed, and I thank Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty for outstanding leadership. I remain, as always, available where I may offer help as a clinical scientist or as Director of Wellcome.”