It’ll be all Wrong! on the night as Wellcome Collection admits mistakes

Wellcome Collection is getting off on the wrong foot with an all-building spectacular celebrating human failures, fallacies and faults. 'Wrong!' brings together scientists, magicians, film-makers and performers for an evening of errors.

Leave your right-mindedness at the door and enter a world led astray, where pleasures are irrational and self-deception is smiled upon. We all make mistakes, and 'Wrong!' gives us the right to enjoy them.

Slapstick and nonsense are on the bill with a carnival of fools and the rare chance to discover your inner idiot in a clowning masterclass with director John Wright. Share your shame by telling us your worst mistakes, and hear other people's in our error confessional.

Close-up magicians will be in the building, and psychologist and illusionist Gustav Kuhn will uncover the secrets of how our brains are fooled by their trickery. Talks take in neuroscientist Benedetto De Martino on the upsides of irrational thinking and eyewitness expert Amina Memon explaining how our memory deceives us.

Neuroscientist Kris de Meyer and film-maker Sheila Marshall will be discussing their upcoming documentary 'Right Between Your Ears', which records the experience of feeling right but being wrong; it follows people in the USA who were convinced the world would end on 21 May 2011 and their response to dashed certainty.

The Wrongness Cabaret gathers a roll call of comedians, scientists, storytellers and magicians to fawn on failure and delight in disaster, while the Wellcome Library will be taken over by games designed to reward creative error in the Wrongness Championships. From the reverse sketching of Anti-Descriptionary to genetic code Chinese whispers, you can challenge friends, try to influence others in making mistakes or be wrong against the clock.

Around the galleries, interactive tests will reveal conviction in the face of confounding evidence (courtesy of Neil Garrett and colleagues from UCL's Affective Brain Lab), disarming perception illusions will make strangers of our brains and bodies, and the Unbelievable Truth of Medical History will challenge visitors to separate breakthrough from blunder in a quick-fire quiz about disproved theories.

A bar will be open (staff will forgive requests for drinks mistaken, not stirred), and there'll be nothing to fault with the delicious food served at the Peyton and Byrne cafe. Blackwell's bookshop will provide plenty of material to challenge what you thought you knew to be true: sometimes, discovering you're wrong is just the beginning of a new adventure.

'Wrong!' is a free event on Friday 5 July. Drop in any time from 19.00 to 23.00.

Tickets for talks will be available from Wellcome Collection on the night of the event only.