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A healthcare worker gives a man an Ebola vaccination

Opinion | 24 April 2020

Developing a vaccine for COVID-19: what can we learn from past outbreaks? by Charlie Weller

Vaccines are one of our most powerful health tools. Here’s some of the lessons we’ve learned about the development and use of vaccines from past outbreaks.

A biologist takes coronavirus DNA sample from the freezer.

Explainer | 22 April 2020

How can we develop a COVID-19 vaccine quickly?

A COVID-19 vaccine would be an incredibly powerful tool to slow down the coronavirus pandemic. How do we develop one in record time?

The letter X on top of a coronavirus, next to the word COVID and number zero.

Opinion | 20 April 2020

COVID-Zero: how businesses can play a critical role in bringing the coronavirus pandemic to an end by Mark Henderson

By fully funding research and development for COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccines we can reach COVID-Zero – no preventable deaths, no further lockdowns, no more disruption.

Three potential coronavirus vaccines in a tray

Opinion | 27 March 2020

A new way of developing vaccines for COVID-19 could help the world to prepare for future outbreaks by Charlie Weller

A vaccine for COVID-19 which uses cutting-edge RNA technology has entered phase 1 clinical trials. If successful, it could revolutionise the future of vaccine development.

Woman wears face mask and pushes shopping trolley

Opinion | 27 February 2020

Global institutions must act urgently and decisively to tackle COVID-19 by Jeremy Farrar

The COVID-19 outbreak is not just a public health crisis, it’s rapidly becoming a global crisis – of health, economics and politics.

People wearing surgical masks sitting in subway in Shanghai, China.

News | 13 February 2020

Wellcome pledges £10 million to tackle COVID-19 epidemic

Wellcome is making a pledge of up to £10 million to accelerate research and support global efforts to tackle the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Illustration of a spoon with pills

Q&A | 21 January 2020

Why is it so hard to develop new antibiotics?

Discovering and then bringing new antibiotics to market is a tricky challenge – but one we need to solve if we want to be better protected against the growing threat of drug-resistant infections. Here’s why, and what has to happen to develop new medicines.

People sat at a table get vaccinated against Ebola as part of a community event.

Opinion | 18 December 2019

This is the decade we made one of the world’s deadliest diseases preventable and curable by Jeremy Farrar

The commitment to research during the last two Ebola outbreaks has changed the course of this disease. Jeremy Farrar reflects on what made this possible.

Liz Corbett and a colleague in the lab. Liz is head of the HIV/TB research group at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme.

News | 17 December 2019

Stellar science and research funded by another year of strong investment returns

Strong investment returns in 2019 meant Wellcome was able to spend over £1.1 billion on improving health for everyone.

A five week old boy gets the Ebola vaccine.

Opinion | 14 November 2019

Landmark moment in the fight against Ebola: what have we learnt? by Charlie Weller

The licensing of the first Ebola vaccine is a great achievement for the global healthcare community. What made it possible, and what lessons can we use to prevent and control future outbreaks?

A baby in hospital with measles in the Philippines

Opinion | 10 September 2019

Why are we seeing spikes in measles compared to other infectious diseases? by Charlie Weller

It seems that we hear a lot about measles compared to other infectious diseases, such as rubella or whooping cough. But why?