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Two researchers at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford.

Opinion | 20 October 2020

Wellcome's bold ambitions to improve health through our new strategy by Jeremy Farrar

We've introduced a new vision and strategy for Wellcome that we hope will have significant positive impacts on the course of human health over the next two decades.

A worker cleans the exterior of a train coach that has been converted into a Covid-19 isolation ward.

Opinion | 16 September 2020

Could Covid-19 be fuelling drug resistance? by Gemma Buckland Merrett

We need to understand the impact of Covid-19 on wider health issues to shape better public health responses and limit long-term consequences. Drug resistance is one of these, Gemma Buckland-Merrett explains.

An illustration of pills.

Opinion | 13 July 2020

A lifeline for antibiotic development by Jeremy Knox

The industry-led AMR Action Fund is a major step forward in tackling the spread of drug-resistant infections. Jeremy Knox explains why governments too need to do more to stimulate antibiotic development.

A pharmacist talking and a researcher taking notes in a pharmacy in Bangalore, India.

Opinion | 5 February 2020

5 things we learned about changing behaviours for antibiotic stewardship by Sian Williams

What is needed to better harness the huge potential of behaviour change science for antibiotic stewardship?

A patient with pills in her hand

Opinion | 28 January 2020

Race for new antibiotics: future success is hanging by a thread by Tim Jinks

Developing new antibiotics is one way of tackling the growing threat of drug-resistant infections. Tim Jinks explains why it's critical to step up investment in antibiotic development.

Illustration of a spoon with pills

Q&A | 21 January 2020

Why is it so hard to develop new antibiotics?

Discovering and then bringing new antibiotics to market is a tricky challenge – but one we need to solve if we want to be better protected against the growing threat of drug-resistant infections. Here’s why, and what has to happen to develop new medicines.

Schoolchildren in India show the comics they produced.

Explainer | 10 December 2019

How to write persuasively about drug-resistant infections

If you’re an advocate, policy maker or expert working on drug-resistant infections, you often need to write convincingly to make your audience understand and care about the issue. Here are some practical examples to help you do that.

A researcher and two nurses look at patient data.

Opinion | 13 November 2019

With better global data we can outsmart drug-resistant infections by Gemma Buckland Merrett

The impact of drug-resistant infections is much higher than previously thought, as shown in a new report from the Centers for Disease Control.

A community health volunteer with mother and her baby in the Satungal village in western Kathmandu.

Opinion | 5 November 2019

It’s time to rethink the way we talk about one of the most urgent threats to our health by Jeremy Farrar

Tackling big health challenges is dependent on science and innovation, but also on the public understanding and engaging with them.

Colour lithograph from 1944 that says "No home remedy or quack ever cured syphilis or gonorrhea, see your doctor now"

Opinion | 28 October 2019

Talking about the ‘antibiotic apocalypse’ is alarming, not persuasive. This is why by Dan Metcalfe

We've used global research to develop effective ways to communicate about drug-resistant infections to inspire change.

Illustration of an arrow in a circle with four quadrants, each filled icons of: a building, a bird, a plant and the globe.

Q&A | 9 September 2019

What are drug-resistant infections?

This Q&A explains what drug-resistant infections are, who is affected and what we can do to stem them.