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Healthcare workers put their personal protective equipment on before entering the zone with people suspected of having Ebola.

Opinion | 29 July 2020

How can we make social media a healthier platform for health information? by Carla Ross

It’s time to see health misinformation differently. We’re calling for the health and research sector to step up and play its role in creating a healthier internet.

6 people dancing at their local library

Opinion | 5 March 2020

We're taking a new, devolved approach to public engagement funding by Imran Khan

Getting public engagement funding from Wellcome has changed. We’ve shifted our approach from open-ended funding schemes to targeted investments that have specific aims.

Blueprint for a research facility with crowds of people walking around the buildings.

Opinion | 18 December 2019

How 'connectors' bridge the gap between research and the public by Carla Ross

A surprising range of organisations, from retailers to design agencies, can provide a bridge between the public and research. These ‘connectors’ play a key role in effective public engagement.

Two farmers in Kenya looking at a mobile phone.

Opinion | 11 December 2019

Redefining public engagement with science by Carla Ross

Three ways that getting the public involved in research can help researchers solve challenges.

People on a demo in America holding placards supporting science

Opinion | 4 December 2019

To secure investment, science must tell its story better by Ben Bleasdale

A new report from Demos reveals how the public talk about research online – and why the research community’s advocacy needs to catch up.

A group of people talking in a warehouse

Opinion | 15 November 2019

What is stopping health research reaching the people who need it most? by Pri Perera

People with fewer educational qualifications are just as interested in health research, even if they engage less with it, Wellcome Monitor finds. Could engagement practices themselves be a barrier to inclusive engagement?

A community health volunteer with mother and her baby in the Satungal village in western Kathmandu.

Opinion | 5 November 2019

It’s time to rethink the way we talk about one of the most urgent threats to our health by Jeremy Farrar

Tackling big health challenges is dependent on science and innovation, but also on the public understanding and engaging with them.

People sitting at a workshop, sitting at a table

News | 30 October 2019

We are pausing the Engagement Fellowships

We want to explore how we can best meet the leadership needs of the public engagement community – to give us time to do that we are pausing the Engagement Fellowships.

Colour lithograph from 1944 that says "No home remedy or quack ever cured syphilis or gonorrhea, see your doctor now"

Opinion | 28 October 2019

Talking about the ‘antibiotic apocalypse’ is alarming, not persuasive. This is why by Dan Metcalfe

We've used global research to develop effective ways to communicate about drug-resistant infections to inspire change.