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Seven students watch teacher carrying out an experiment

Opinion | 10 February 2020

Using neuroscience to design education interventions: what have we learned? by Asimina Vergou

Neuroscience can improve educational outcomes, but teachers should be involved from early on in the design of interventions.

Children and scientists look at an image showing organs of the human body

Opinion | 18 September 2019

How do you get children from disadvantaged backgrounds engaged with science? by Mat Hickman

One answer is youth workers. They are developing and delivering inspiring science activities through Curiosity, our scheme with BBC Children in Need.

Three female students carry out science experiment involving an electric circuit

Opinion | 11 September 2019

How can we improve equity in science education? by Anita Krishnamurthi

In an increasingly STEM-dependent world, we want all young people to be able to engage with science – both inside and outside of school.

Picture of Paul Schreier, Wellcome's new Chief Operating Officer

News | 30 August 2019

Paul Schreier is new Chief Operating Officer at Wellcome

Paul Schreier has been appointed as Wellcome's Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Illustration showing financial bar chart

News | 18 December 2018

Value of Wellcome’s investments passes £25 billion

Our investments portfolio grew to almost £25.9 billion by 30 September 2018, strengthening our ambition to spend more than £5 billion over five years on charitable activities.

Wellcome Director Jeremy Farrar

News | 10 July 2018

Director's update: Introducing the Wellcome Leap Fund

Today we’re announcing a £250m not-for-profit fund. Director Jeremy Farrar explains how the new Wellcome Leap Fund will accelerate discovery and innovation.

detail from Wellcome Success Framework chart

Explainer | 10 April 2018

How we’ve defined what success looks like for Wellcome’s work

Chonnettia Jones, our Director of Insight and Analysis, explains how developing a success framework is leading to new ways of thinking and working across Wellcome.

Dr Jeremy Farrar

News | 7 March 2018

Jeremy Farrar reappointed as Wellcome's Director

Dr Jeremy Farrar, the Director of Wellcome, has been reappointed by Wellcome’s Board of Governors for a second five-year term.