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Male researcher sits at desk in his kitchen and looks at laptop

Opinion | 14 July 2020

How could COVID-19 change research culture for the better? by Ben Bleasdale

COVID-19 is transforming every aspect of society – and research is no exception. But how can we use what we’ve learned in the past six months to build a better research culture?

Wellcome Pride logo on top of image of Wellcome staff at the London Pride march

News | 1 June 2020

Why we're proud to change our logo for Pride

During Pride month, logos around the world change to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

An engineer holds up a rack of experimental coronavirus vaccine candidates

Opinion | 21 May 2020

Open access: how COVID-19 will change the way research findings are shared by Robert Kiley

During the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers and publishers have pulled together to publish their outputs at an unprecedented rate. How will this change research culture and the way findings are disseminated in future?

Six Heart n Soul co-researchers

Opinion | 17 March 2020

Heart n Soul at The Hub: how we’re working to create a creative and inclusive culture by Dorota Chapko

At Heart n Soul at The Hub, we believe that anybody can contribute to research, and we’ve tried to create an environment to enable them to do so. 

Two researchers carry out an experiment at a lab bench

Opinion | 4 March 2020

Lab leaders must create open and safe spaces to improve research culture by Ricardo Henriques

Ricardo Henriques, Group Leader at UCL, looks at how lab leaders can create open and safe spaces for people to discuss any issues in research culture.

Two researchers carry out work in a lab

Opinion | 26 February 2020

We need to invest in researchers in the long-term by Katrina Lythgoe

Research culture could greatly improve if we addressed short-termism and job insecurity, says Professor Katrina Lythgoe.

A woman speaks into a microphone at an event

Opinion | 20 February 2020

Ideas to reimagine research culture: what we’ve heard at our university town halls by Ben Bleasdale

Last month, we published the findings of a survey into how researchers feel about the culture they work in. Now, we want to hear your ideas to reimagine research.

Kelly Vere sits next to a microscope and holds up a slide

Opinion | 12 February 2020

More than 'just a technician': why we need to recognise everyone in the research team by Kelly Vere

Kelly Vere, Director of Technical Skills and Strategy at the University of Nottingham, explains how she's been working to build a better culture for technicians.

Two women wearing white lab coats talking to each other

Opinion | 5 February 2020

Value people as well as papers to improve research culture by Christopher Jackson

As scientists, we try to make sure our research is rigorous so that we can avoid costly errors. We should take the same approach to tackle issues in research culture, says Professor Christopher Jackson.

Six researchers have a discussion around a table

Opinion | 29 January 2020

What can funders do to encourage inclusive research leadership? by Jack Harrington

In the Humanities and Social Science team at Wellcome, we’ve been experimenting with some different approaches.

Blurred out researcher carries out experiment

Opinion | 15 January 2020

It's now beyond doubt: we need to reimagine the way research works by Beth Thompson

The findings of our survey of more than 4,000 researchers expose the stark pressures that many face. But together, we can learn from one another’s good practice and come up with new ways to improve research culture.

Liz Corbett and a colleague in the lab. Liz is head of the HIV/TB research group at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme.

News | 17 December 2019

Stellar science and research funded by another year of strong investment returns

Strong investment returns in 2019 meant Wellcome was able to spend over £1.1 billion on improving health for everyone.