PhD Programmes for Clinicians (Closed)

This competition invites organisations to establish PhD programmes for clinical academics.

Scheme at a glance 

This scheme is now closed

Administering organisation location:
Republic of Ireland, UK
Funding amount:
Student salaries, fees and other costs
Funding duration:
5 years

Who can apply

Each programme must: 

  • be based at an eligible host organisation in the UK or Republic of Ireland that will have administrative responsibility for the programme
  • have a director, employed at the host organisation, with a strong track record in postgraduate research training
  • have a team of potential supervisors with backgrounds in research and clinical training.

Existing programmes

Existing programmes that want our support beyond 2018 should apply, and will be considered alongside applications for new programmes. Proposals may be for the renewal of existing programmes (with the possibility of expansion), or to establish new programmes. 

What we're looking for

To be competitive, programmes should have: 

  • commitment and additional support from the host organisation(s)
  • a clear and robust management structure
  • a plan to support diversity and recruit a range of trainees
  • a strategy for mentoring trainees during and after their PhD
  • a wide range of high-quality training opportunities.

Programmes may: 

  • involve partnerships with our overseas programmes
  • include partnerships with industry
  • be hosted across multiple organisations
  • be open to health professionals or those working in medical humanities.

If your organisation is applying for more than one PhD programme, we'll consider the programmes if they're distinct from one another. Please contact us to discuss. 

We expect successful programmes to plan their recruitment so that the first students start their PhDs in autumn 2017.

This competition is only for clinical PhD programmes. The Trust is not currently accepting applications for basic biomedical programmes.

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Awards will be for a period of five years. The number of PhD students you propose to train should depend on the availability of training projects and supervisors at your organisation. For each student the Trust will provide:

  • a salary on the clinical pay scale
  • university fees at the home student rate
  • college fees (where required)
  • a contribution towards research expenses
  • a contribution towards travel, for conferences and meetings
  • overseas allowances, where appropriate.

What we don’t offer

We don't fund overheads.

Stages of application

  1. Submit your preliminary application

    The proposed director of your programme should submit the application.

  2. Assessment of your preliminary application

    The PhD Programmes Committee will assess your preliminary application. The committee is composed of internationally leading experts with a commitment to developing the next generation of researchers. If your preliminary application is approved, we’ll ask you to complete a full application form.

  3. Submit your full application

    View the  Sample full application form for PhD Programmes for Clinicians [PDF 1.1MB].

  4. External written peer review

    We’ll seek written comments from external expert reviewers, including members of our Peer Review College.

  5. Assessment of full application

    Your full application will be assessed by the committee, and we’ll give you a decision shortly afterwards. You will also receive detailed feedback, including some of the peer reviewers’ unattributed comments.

Disabled applicants

If you are disabled or have a chronic health condition, we can support you with the application process.


  • Preliminary application deadline

    25 January 2016

  • Assessment of preliminary applications

    8 March 2016

  • Full application deadline

    6 May 2016

  • Assessment of full applications

    20 July 2016

Contact us

Anne-Marie Coriat, Head of Careers

James Harden, Clinical Activities Manager

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