Undergraduate education

If you're studying for an undergraduate degree, you may be thinking of a research career in biomedical science, population health or humanities and social science. 

During undergraduate education 

During the summer holidays of a degree course, we offer: 

  • scholarships based in research environments
  • internships based at Wellcome's London headquarters. 

We don’t fund degree courses.

Biomedical Vacation Scholarships 

If you want to get hands-on experience in a research environment while you do an undergraduate degree, you can apply for a Biomedical Vacation Scholarship.

During a scholarship, you'll learn valuable research skills that will help you with your degree. We hope you’ll get a taste of what a career in research is like, that will help you with your career choices.

Find out more about our Biomedical Vacation Scholarships.

Internships at the Wellcome office in London 

If you want to understand how a global charity works while you do an undergraduate degree, you can apply for a summer internship with us.

During an internship you’ll work on real projects alongside Wellcome staff at our London office.

Find out more about our internships at Wellcome.

After undergraduate education 

Think about the range of careers open to you. If you're interested in research, there are many options. For example, you may want to consider an apprenticeship or a technical career. Or you could apply for a postgraduate degree, such as a Master's or PhD. Find out about our postgraduate training.

Or you can use the transferable skills that you've gained during your degree in many careers outside of research.

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