Working on the Edge: Examining the Gendered Health Implications of Precarious Employment and Job Insecurity among Palestinian Workers

Year of award: 2023


  • Dr Maysaa Nemer

    Birzeit University, Palestinian Territories

Project summary

Precarious employment is a global issue that negatively impacts physical and mental health and disproportionately affects disadvantaged populations such as women, young people, and refugees. In Palestine, underemployment and unemployment rates are high, particularly among young people and women who often work in the unregulated industry without social security, making them vulnerable to exploitation. Given the challenges faced by the Palestinian labor force and the potential harm caused by precarious work, it is critical to understand the linkages between employment instability, health outcomes, and gender and intersectional inequalities. Additionally, investigating the impact of health emergencies, like COVID-19, on this group is crucial. This study aims to explore the effects of precarious employment and job insecurity on the health of Palestinian workers, with a focus on gender and intersectionality. The study will also examine the effects of COVID-19 on the economic and health outcomes of these workers. Mixed methods approach will be utilized building on secondary data analysis, a national survey, and a qualitative exploratory study. Community involvement and capacity building will be key components of this project, including the formation of an advisory committee of stakeholders, training activities, exchange visits with collaborators, and ongoing mentorship.