From vision to action: systems analysis of sensorimotor circuitry controlling visually-guided behaviour


  • Dr Isaac Bianco

    University College London

Project summary

Two major issues are currently limiting the transfer and use of ultra-high-dimensional datasets between neuroscience groups. Raw data files are often enormous, making data transfer inconvenient and expensive, and there is no common format for storing behavioural and neurophysiological data, making it challenging to interpret data from other labs. 

We will develop a universal ‘SysNeuro’ format for pre-processed, multi-modal, neurophysiology and behavioural data. This will enable labs to exchange compact files that contain all data and metadata and pre-processing algorithms. We will provide open-source software to build and manage SysNeuro files and execute advanced data analyses, including deep learning to discover network dynamics that predict behaviour. We will promote our platform at UCL, provide training and create a forum to discuss priorities related to data analysis and sharing. 

This project will improve the use of light-sheet imaging data from our main project, enhance data sharing in the neuroscience community and provide easy-to-use tools for other researchers to flexibly deploy advanced deep-learning analyses.