Use of monoclonal antibodies to prevent P. falciparum malaria infection

Year of award: 2020


  • Dr Maria G Gomez Lorenzo


Project summary

Chemoprevention efforts for malaria (IPTp, SMC) have had a major impact decreasing malaria cases but have downsides (adherence to treatments, toxicity issues or parasite resistance among others). GSK and PATH identified IgG´s in GSK’s candidate malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01B vaccines (MAL071 study) that prevent malaria infection in animal models. In this project, several of these mAbs will be evaluated and optimized for potency, pharmacokinetic properties, optimal manufacturing stability and yields to have the required profile of a prophylactic mAb able to prevent P. falciparum liver infection, with the ultimate goal of prevention of blood stage infection. The molecules should have 3-4 months half-life and acceptable cost of goods, to overcome drawbacks of the current prophylactic therapies.