Unravelling the physics of the pressure drop in blood flow constrictions    


  • Dr Pablo Lamata

    King's College London

Project summary

This project will empower people living with a cardiac condition to tell their stories. We will work with them to create an immersive and interactive ‘inside the heart’ experience, which will help our audiences understand why blood flow is a major element that determines our cardiovascular health. 

We will collaborate with designers, artists and charities along with those living with cardiac conditions to help shape the exhibit and our ideas on the future of healthcare by illustrating the role that imaging and computer technologies play in improving heart healthcare. The finale will be an exhibit at the London Design Festival followed by a tour and workshops where our audiences will discuss the exhibit and the thinking behind it with scientists and designers.

This project will enable the research team to gain a better understanding of how cardiac patients view our research. It will also help us develop our public engagement skills and improve our confidence when engaging with different audiences.