Understanding the relationship between mental health interventions, the social determinants of health and health inequalities


  • Dr Stephanie Prady

    University of York

Project summary

One third of the UK’s population will experience a common mental disorder (CMD) such as anxiety or depression in their lifetime. People who are socio-economically disadvantaged are more likely to have a CMD, less likely to have their disorder recognised by the health service and less likely to benefit from treatment. 

Dr Prady will investigate the impact of interventions on mental health inequalities in the UK. Using population data from Humberside, there will be three stages to the work: a synthesis of theory and evidence around how social characteristics influence CMD and drive mental health inequalities; a check of these findings in a range of contemporary datasets; and the compilation of what is known about the effects of health, social or policy interventions on CMD and social characteristics. Project outputs will include a predictive toolkit on the mental health and social effects of different interventions.