UK longitudinal population cohort studies of subfertile individuals and children conceived after fertility treatments 


  • Prof Alastair Sutcliffe

    University College London

Project summary

The ability to have children may be linked to general health. We know that chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes and obesity affect fertility, but it is less clear how infertility is linked to future health issues. Recent research has shown that infertile men and women might be at greater risk of health problems in later life. 

Details of all women and their partners who have had in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment in the UK have been recorded since 1991. We have used this data to study the risk of cancer in women after IVF and in the children conceived after IVF. We now wish to use our experience of working with routine health records to study other health risks in women and children after IVF, as well as long-term conditions in men with known infertility.