UCL Unit for Stigma Research: advancing theory and practice in the stigma field


  • Dr Katrina Scior

    University College London

Project summary

Our new UCL Unit for Stigma Research (UCLUS) will be a hub for innovative high-quality research and theories in the field of stigma research. UCLUS brings together research from diverse fields, including intellectual disability, mental health and dementia, and explores overlapping themes and opportunities for research. We will find areas for new research on stigma resistance and disclosure decision making, two novel areas in which we are piloting work. A better understanding of what makes some members of highly stigmatised groups more vulnerable or resistant to stigma and how they manage disclosure can lead to broader theories on responses to adversity. It can also inform the development of interventions that enhance wellbeing by resisting stigma.

We will develop a research agenda in this area, build capacity for high-quality research and build partnerships to advance this work through the public launch of UCLUS, a seminar series, development of the research unit's social media presence, a UCLUS-led session at the 2018 International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities European Congress and international collaborative visits.