Towards the development of a healthcare ethics of austerity: frontline healthcare professionals’ experiences of austerity-driven policies in the UK


  • Dr Angeliki Kerasidou

    University of Oxford

Project summary

Since the global financial crisis and the UK government’s self-imposed austerity programme, there has been a growing body of literature demonstrating the socio-economic consequences of austerity-driven policies and their impact on healthcare provision. Less attention has been given to the ethical implications of these policies on the practice of frontline healthcare professionals. 

For this project, Dr Kerasidou will use an interdisciplinary approach to answer the question: in what ways have austerity measures and reforms affected the everyday ethical decision-making and experiences of frontline healthcare professionals in NHS? Her aims are to describe experiences of caring for patients in conditions of austerity, and examine, through philosophical analysis, the perspectives and ethical issues experienced by frontline healthcare professionals.