The medical history of the refugee camp

Year of award: 2016


  • Jennifer Carr

    University of Glasgow

Project summary

Refugee camps have been the dominant model of managing refugee crises for a century, despite attempts to seek alternatives. My research will offer a historiographical analysis of the medicalisation of refugee camps. It will analyse how camps have developed as sites of medical risk for their inhabitants. It will investigate if refugee camps have become sites of disease control, for the benefit of host communities and the global community. 

The research will draw from archival documents to investigate the strategy and role of international bodies (non-governmental organisations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in the medicalisation of refugee camps. 

My goals are to complete a challenging contribution to the body of knowledge, strengthen a multidisciplinary field of study in medicine and the humanities, and open up avenues for new research which will be of value to policy makers.