Systemic and local control of neural stem cell quiescence and reactivation


  • Prof Andrea Brand

    New York University

Project summary

A major goal of research in neurobiology is the repair or regeneration of the brain or spinal cord after injury or disease. The nervous system is the most complex of all tissues and organs in the human body, comprising more than a trillion neurons. These form functional networks to transmit information at amazing speed. All of the diverse types of neurons in the brain are produced by neural stem cells, which can renew themselves at each cell division. My lab investigates how the environment, in particular nutrition, regulates neural stem cell proliferation. Uncovering the molecular mechanisms that control whether a stem cell chooses to proliferate or remain dormant is crucial for understanding tissue regeneration under normal and pathological conditions and in response to ageing. It is also critical to learn how stem cells can return to a dormant state, as uncontrolled stem cell division can lead to cancers, like glioma.