SureChEMBL: open patent data for all


  • Dr Andrew Leach

    European Molecular Biology Laboratory, United Kingdom

  • Dr Anna Gaulton

    European Bioinformatics Institute, United Kingdom

  • Dr Barbara Zdrazil

Project summary

Understanding the activity and properties of drug-like molecules is key to the discovery of new medicines. Patents are a valuable source of such information, yet are difficult for many scientists to access. SureChEMBL is a database that enables the scientific community to obtain and analyse data and information from patents. This is important because significant amounts of drug discovery information are first disclosed in patent form and may never be written up in the ?traditional? scientific literature. We will make it much easier for scientists to access and use patents for their own projects. We will extend and enhance our annotations of key terms, enabling users to identify those patents most relevant to their research. We will make major improvements to the website and the underlying software infrastructure. All data will be freely accessible to enable drug discovery scientists to be even more effective in their quest for new medicines.