Simultaneous PET/MR imaging


  • Dr Robert Hawkes

    University of Cambridge

Project summary

Rob studied cosmic rays for his PhD and had an early career in particle physics, investigating quark models of hadrons. A strong attraction to medical interests then led to nuclear magnetic resonance (MR) imaging research at the University of Nottingham and Harvard Medical School. Some 20 years in industrial R&D followed, developing new applications for MR that included enhancing recovery of hydrocarbons from deep oil reservoirs, hyperpolarising nuclei to dramatically increase the signal available for MR imaging methods, and the construction of a prototype combined simultaneous positron emission tomography (PET) and MR scanner. Following the award of his Career Re-entry Fellowship, Robert has been able to install this instrument in a preclinical laboratory. His aim is to develop simultaneous PET/MR acquisition techniques, with an emphasis on optimising qualitative and quantitative measurement of metabolic and disease processes in living animals.